Sports Massage 

Our treatment is designed to soothe and release your muscles.

We apply a number of proven sports massage & sports therapy techniques to massage, stretch & unwind your muscles & your spine

You do not have to have an injury or be an athlete as many of our clients book for their wellness.

Perfect for pre & post exercise.

Deep Tissue Massage

Don’t let your pain stop you, give your body the treatment it needs to make it do what you want it to, and get back to what you love.

 Deep muscle massage , reduces pain and increases your movement.

Perfect to rescue your muscles from the pressures of everyday life.

What to expect for your first appointment?



Posture & musculoskeletal assessment

Plan & hands-on treatment

Exercises recommended for you

If required the therapist and you will develop a personal treatment plan customized to your requirements.

The therapist will speak with you upon your arrival to reassure you that your treatment meets your expectations for your appointment on the day.