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Weekend & Evening Appointments.

Please wait on steps outside building before your appointment.

Week Day Appointment.

Please go straight to reception and ask for north-55. Take a seat and relax and you will shortly be shown to our treatment suite.

How can I pay for my treatment?

You can pay on the day for your appointment at the North 55 treatment suite, or at The Balmoral Hotel, via chip and pin.  We accept all major credit and debit cards:

American Express, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Debit and Visa Electron.

I’m running late, what should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible if you think you’re going to be late with a short text . Late arrivals will be seen for their remaining treatment times to avoid any impact on subsequent appointments however if diary allows you will be able to pay an additional fee to top up your treatment time.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you wish to cancel please do so more than 48 hours before your appointment. If payment has been made in advance a full refund will be arranged.

There is a fee for appointments that are missed or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. The fee is based on 100% of the appointment fee.

What should I wear for my treatment?

Whether you’re arriving straight from work, or just out of the gym, don’t worry about arriving dressed in a particular way for your treatment. We recommend bringing with you a pair of old shorts and loose t-shirt (oils used during treatment can mark your clothing, Upon meeting with us you will be advised as to what will be necessary for us to treat you and asked to undress to a level you feel comfortable with, in line with the treatment you are receiving. Fresh, clean towels are provided as standard for all treatments.




Why the name north-55?

The health suite and spa within the Balmoral Hotel, situated on Princes street and in the heart of Edinburgh, is a Victorian age hotel. It is at this location where North 55 officially begun their treatments and services and still operates from today. Previously known as the North British Hotel and with Edinburgh’s position (55 degree’s North of the equator) make up the name of north-55.

More FAQ’s

What are body weight fitness plans?

A Body weight fitness plan is a specific fitness workout that you can do using only your body weight. Working in a number of different luxury hotel health suites we developed these plans for our travelling client’s who find themselves without access to any fitness equipment but still want to stay on track with their fitness.

Our north-55 body weight fitness plans are the perfect workouts for those on the move.

What oil do you use?

We use only natural coconut oil.

Why soy wax and not paraffin wax treatment?

Soy wax is a clean product, better for your body and contains no toxins.




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