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before you contact us we have provided a summary of our most frequently asked questions by our clients before their first visit.

-What are your Treatment Times-

we are open 7 days per week including – weekends

-When does Reception Open & Close-

9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday

Please make the receptionist aware of your appointment with north-55 & follow the receptionist’s guidelines. We recommend that you wash your hands at our designated hand wash stations upon your arrival.

-What do I do After Hours for Weekends appointments with you-

we recommend waiting on the steps outside in the fresh air, you can press north-55 door bell or text upon your arrival. Please note we will be with clients so will be with you promptly upon your treatment time.

If the main entrance door is open, you can choose the lift or stairs to our reception on the 1st floor where you can take a seat, relax, and wait for your appointment.

If this summary does not provide the answer that you were looking for perhaps try our FAQ’s page (as we may have answered already saving you time waiting for our response).

If you don’t see your question please get in touch by filling out our short form below or you can phone or email us directly.

We do our best to reply to your messages by the end of the working day however if we do have availability you might be lucky to receive a reply sooner.