What is the difference between sports massage & deep tissue massage?

Sports Massage tends to be used to re-invigorate and re-awaken your muscles readying you for exercise.

It uses a selection of techniques carefully chosen techniques can include percussion movements such as hacking to stimulate your nerve endings, compression to increase blood flow, and shaking to free your muscles alongside stretching to reduce muscular adhesions/knots and as a preventive to injury before exercise.

as an extra If you wish you can ask in many sports injury clinics & wellness spas for a reinvigorating sports massage essential oil to be used during your treatment.

You do not need to have an injury or be an athlete as many clients re-book treatments for their wellness.

Deep Tissue Massage tends to be used to release and unwind your muscles melting away your muscular tensions.

techniques can include: deep strokes, kneading and effleurage transverse frictions, stretching and trigger point release techniques to reduce pain, increase your flexibility, reduce your muscular fatigue & loosen “knots”

It is perfect to rescue your muscles from the pressures of everyday life or even to decompress your workweek allowing you to de-stress and to sleep that little bit heavier, especially after an evening appointment.

*Please note we as practitioners can not be held liable for any sleepy employees if they choose to book with us and return to work afterwards however if they return glowing and full of energy ready to meet today’s targets then yes we can off course be held liable 🙂

Our secret

deep tissue massage doesn’t mean applying lots of pressure to the muscle this is a commonly misinterpreted stance that we would like others to learn sometimes applying deep pressure even when the client is asking for this isn’t the best treatment we recommend reassuring the client that in some cases that added pressure could worsen the reason that you booked in for an appointment including irritating the nerves, creating muscular spasms & causing undue pain that was not required for the client.

If you are still unsure if a sports massage or deep tissue massage is right for you we would like to further unknot this question for you.

Massage relieves pain, muscular soreness, lowers your blood pressure & it is your body’s natural defence to stress.


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