Dear client

Upon your arrival,

Please ask for north-55 and follow the receptionist’s guidance or you can wait on the steps outside to allow fresh air.

Our practitioners will be with you promptly, you can text to show that you have arrived (07514585976).

We ask that on your arrival that you limit your touching of any doors or walls.

Your practitioner will be wearing PPE appropriate for treatment, this will be at the discretion of the practitioner.

We are currently operating a one way system within the corridors.

The treatment space will be consistently deep cleaned in-between each appointment.

We have staggered our treatment times allow for deep sanitation of the room.

We recommend that our window remains open to allow fresh air for both the practitioner and the clients safety.

The appropriate PPE & treatment space setup will be adjusted according to further government guidelines 

& by the WHO (World Health Organization).

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